Roof Coating Hertfordshire

The transformation in the visual aspect and protective coating of your roof can now be undertaken. Once the roof repairs have been carried out and the mortar has cured sufficiently to ensure correct levels of absorption into the tile structure then we can proceed to apply either a coloured roof coating or a clear acrylic sealer.

The contractor ensures that any sensitive area that maybe subjected to any potential over-spray, a conservatory roof for example, will be fully covered and protected. To further alleviate possible over spray the perimeter of the roof structure will be cut in by hand including the area surrounding the chimney stack. The use of an professional level airless sprayer will be utilised as this ensures an exceptional and equal level of product is applied. The contractor is continually checking to ensure that the absorption of the product into the tile structure is thorough enough to extend the colour retentive properties.

After a suitable drying time a second application is applied to further enhance and protect the tiles.

The main benefits for an application of Smartseal's premium quality Climashield roof coatings are :

  • Can make older roofs look like new
  • Improves roof quality and appearance
  • Allows roof tiles to "flex" preventing cracking
  • Helps prevent water penetration and frost damage
  • Inhibits the growth of moss, algae's and lichens.
  • Can add value to a property
  • Transforms the look of a roof with a change of colour

If you live anywhere in Hertfordshire including the following towns Ware, Tring, Berkhamstead, Hertford, Hitchin, Royston and Bishops Stortford and are considering getting your roof cleaned and require a FREE no obligation quotation then call us on 0800 849 9498. If you prefer you can complete our on line enquiry form and we will call you back

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Roof Coating Hertfordshire image
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